My husband and I got hungry so we decided to go to Taco Bell

United States
July 4, 2011 12:45am CST
A jeep with one headlight got there to turn in the same time that we did. They were annoyed that we had the right of way. We pulled up to the window to get our food and the one eyed jeep behind us started revving its engine. This made my husband mad and he started yelling back at them. The drive thru person got us our food and I know she was glad that we were leaving. Hubby has had cellulitis in his legs and has been a grump because of it. Still, the jeep behind us should have known that we need to wait for our food to come out before leaving and it is rude to rev the engine up when someone in front of you is waiting on food.
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• United States
5 Jul 11
Some drivers/people are this way, just grumpy and rude. Yes did they not know there is nowhere to go and or rush the server? Sad but a lot of drivers today think it is funny when actually situation as this make out for danger as someone unlike you husband perhaps would have come out of the car and violence occurs. I am glad though that you were able to get your food and not have any further altercation with the rude driver behind you.