. can’t help feeling hurt . . .

@SIMPLYD (78572)
July 4, 2011 10:09pm CST
That my daughter could hardly answer my cellphone messages. My messages were unanswered the whole day until the evening, when she finally answered . She said from school to library , where she studies after class until evening, she don’t have time to check her cellphone messages. She said she was so busy studying for their examinations , being in first year of Medicine. But nonetheless, I feel hurt. I told her that next time, she should at least check her messages even on breaktimes. At least she could just answer the urgent ones. I guess, I am really getting old and sensitive.
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@ravisivan (14055)
• India
14 Jul 11
It happens for every body. she is your daughter. that means you must be 40+ U must have tolerance. Tolerance is key for happiness. It is ok for students to be tensed during day time. Parents should not disturb them quite often. I am telling based on my experience. If u find fault relationship will be affected.
@SIMPLYD (78572)
• Philippines
15 Jul 11
Yes, that's right i should have patience. I know that being a Medical student, and its their examination period that time, she must be so busy. Now that they have finished with the exam, she would initiate sending me messages already. Now, i can truly understand.
@toniganzon (49124)
• Philippines
5 Jul 11
Not there yet and my son's only 7. I still have a lot more years to go before i can feel the same way you do. My son is very sweet and everyday he never failed to say goodbye to me and if he did, he would feel very guilty, he would make it up to me upon arriving.
@SIMPLYD (78572)
• Philippines
6 Jul 11
Enjoy your son while he is still young, sweet and thoughtful. My daughter was like that too, when she was still a kid. But she is still until now, but not so much anymore. I have just been understanding her because she was studying for her examinations which have started today. She's bent in maintaining the grade for her full scholarship for her Medicine studies. But i guess, i couldn't help getting hurt. . .