dog barking.

July 5, 2011 10:18am CST
has anyone any effective ways to stop a dog barking? my dog is a nightmare! she barks if someone moves on the sofa and it makes a noise [its leather] she barks if someone bangs something, or drops something, whether it be in real life, or even on tv. of someone walks past our house, not even laughing or shouting, just faintly hear them on their phone for example, she goes mental. she barks if a door slams, or if the doorbell rings, i mean, everything! HELP!
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
5 Jul 11
You probably can't prevent your dog's barking but you can surely make her stop barking. Teaching her to stop barking is like any other dog training command. Use rewards to make her understand what you want from her. Take some rewards (something she really likes). When she starts barking ignore her until she stops for a second (she must eventually stop for a second or two). The very moment she stops, say "Stop!" and give her a reward. Timing is important: you must reward her immediately when she stops, not when she starts barking again. Repeat this until she realize that she receives a reward if she is quiet.
11 Jul 11
this is a more extensive take on the above comment! thanks so much! i will def try this!!