I want to work and study in Canada

July 6, 2011 6:02am CST
I have a sister in Canada. Next year she can be a permanent residence there. She wants me to go there next year to work and help her in supporting our family and help our relatives in their schooling. I have a degree in computer engineering but i don't have work experience related to my course. Since I just graduated last Oct 2010. But I have 1 yr experience in casino as cashier and some experience in restaurant work. I'm thinking of applying to Canada as cashier or waiter. But I really want to pursue a career in IT industry. So I'm thinking maybe I will work there as cashier and then study in graduate school and from there I can start a career in IT. But since I don't know about that country. I'm not sure if it can turn out as I plan. Do you think is it possible for me to find a job in IT in canada if I study masteral degree there. even if I don't have experience in IT here in our country? And I think by that time I'm 30+ years old because I'm turning 28 this year.
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@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
20 Sep 12
I think you will find that job , it not a bad choice you making . good luck
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
17 Sep 12
Nice you want to go Canada I think this is good place and study is also good there. Best luck for this Computer Engg. is good field.
@alkemyst (26)
• Canada
21 Aug 12
Having many immigrant family friends, I can tell you that it won't be easy. There's a lot of Canadian university graduates that are unemployed because the market just isn't that great now. But my biggest concern for you is your application. Please don't apply to Canada as a cashier or waiter; it's unlikely that they'll take you. Canada's looking for skilled workers and if I were you, I would apply with a Student Visa to do graduate studies at a Canadian University in Computer Engineering or related field as this would be easiest. After getting a Student Visa, becoming a resident here is fairly easy. The hard part is getting in. As for whether you have a future in IT, it's a field that's more in demand than most. And with the skill set you have, you could also consider doing consulting or even starting your own company and offering your services for companies as contract work.
@natliegleb (5184)
• India
18 Aug 12
i also have the same ambitions since i believe canada is a good and nice play to study and pursue a good career with all facilities with little terrorism trouble.i think its a good option ,if we follow it
@ardieboi (195)
• Philippines
26 Nov 11
Canada is a good place to work you know. I'm a nurse and i also want to work there. You will have a good working atmosphere since Canadians are know for their good manners and hospitality.