20th Century Themes??? WTF?!?

July 6, 2011 4:04pm CST
I have an assignment for my English U class and I have to define what the 20th century themes are for each short story I have...Only problem here is that I have no freaking clue what a 20th century theme is for literature...Is it just like the regular set of themes that we as English students are accustomed too??? Can anyone out there in the great mylot void???? Thanks guys.
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6 Jul 11
A 20th century theme is something like civil unions (gay marriage), the acceptance of homosexuality in the modern world. The effect that religious extremists are having on the world. A 20th century theme is something that is relative today. Themes are a personal and objective thing, the writer might have meant it to have a completely different theme to what you or your teacher may have interpreted it as. Therefore if you can back up your argument for what the theme is with logic they can't mark you down because you have made a valid argument for what you think is right.