"Bayanihan Spirit" helping as one

July 7, 2011 2:55am CST
We cannot stop the force of nature. Recently our place Davao City, Philippines experienced flash flood specifically in areas of Matina aplaya, Matina pangi, Matina crossing and Bangkal. In fact 30 died and 3 were still missing thank GOD were from Ma-a and were not affected. Actually this was the first time our city experienced this 5-6 feet tall flash flood with a very strong current. Houses were gone and vehicles are flushed like toys. Can you imagine how strong and devastating it was? The day after the flash flood incident, when i open our t.v. set, there was a mother whose family was very affected by the flood, with tears falling she said that it happened so quick that there's nothing left on us. How are we now? One good thing that happened after the flash flood is that Filipino's not only in the Philippines but around the world gave there help and support for those who were affected and this is called the "bayanihan spirit". This kind of spirit is what brings us hope in times of crisis and difficulties. Im proud to be a Filipino! So can you share what makes you proud for your countrymen?
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