Which particular thing of a people can attract a person quickly?

July 7, 2011 2:56am CST
Everybody has their own particular attraction, their beauties are stolen in their eyes or clothes etc. So, what do you people think, where a person's beauty is stored? Please post your views.
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• Netherlands
7 Jul 11
The first thing people see is the looks but the first things that make you want to runaway is character. If you dont like a person's character, the looks dont even matter. A person that draws my attention is usually tall, manly, dark hair and has a rough appearance. This is only appearance because I like a thoughtfull person, who understands me and takes me for what I am. If I meet someone that I dont like physically it is possible to get to like him just because he is funny, understanding and a smooth talker. I do not usually go for clothing, eyes and character!