Where you can play your best graphics video game?

July 7, 2011 3:37am CST
There are various gaming consoles where you can play your most favorite games, but where can i play games of very high graphics, if you know it then don't forget to tell me.
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@abear247 (10)
• Canada
12 Jul 11
I feel that the ps3 exclusives have better graphics than the xbox 360, but in terms of multi-platform most games are ports on the ps3 and run better and look better on the xbox. Although i will point out i have played much more ps3 than xbox (over 360 hours on my favorite game on ps3...) Although for the best graphics you would want a computer, although you will have to pay over $1000 for a high quality computer. While many people will tell you to go to i7 processor, if you are on a budget i wouldnt suggest it. The extra performance you get from i7 over i5 is not worth the money if you have a tight budget. Just remember, graphics aren't everything. Don't play games just because they have a really good story or amazing graphics. Play the game for the game play, the part where you learn new game mechanics and have fun doing it.
@Humanicon (328)
• India
7 Jul 11
There are many consoles in market.ps3 and xbox 360 but all of them are 4 years old now.And they consist 4 year old technology. Thus i would prefer a pc with new graphics card of Ati radeon and I7 processor or i will wait for ps4 to come.