Heroic Effort.

@Arnel_24 (155)
July 8, 2011 3:32am CST
Carrying her bucket of popcorn, I saw a girl named Diane hurried into the theater. As the lights dimmed, she carefully climbed over feet, purses and discarded candy wrappers toward an empty seat in the fifth row. I said "Just in time". Even in the darkness, Diane could see the expression of mine. As the movie began, Diane grabbed a handful popcorn. I smiled on her, then I put my hand into the bucket, helping myself. Not wanting to cause a scene, Diane ignored me. Throughout the movie, Dianed ate her popcorn, while I continued to do the same. With one small handful of popcorn remanining, T tilted the bucket her way, offering Diane what was left. She grabbed it. When the movie ended, I smiled once more, picked up the empty popcorn bucket, and headed out of the theater. As Diane reached for her purse, she discovered a full bucket of popcorn on the floor next to her. She'd been eating out of my bucket at the entirte life. It's the size of your heart, not your income, that determines how easily you share with others. Is there anything holding you back from being more generous with what God's given you?
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@shibham (17022)
• India
8 Jul 11
How did you come to know that the girl's name is Diana?
@Arnel_24 (155)
• Philippines
9 Jul 11
I dont really know what her name is, I just think what is the best name suited for her and she is look like my classmate in College who's name is Diane, so I name her Diane..