cindy anthony trys to visit her daughter & gets rejected by casey anthony!

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July 8, 2011 6:26pm CST
Sometimes I don`t understand people, Cindy Anthony risked her freedom by lying under oath, A Charge that can hold someone for UP TO 15 Years in Jail, Yet Casey Anthony could careless. When George Anthony took the stand regarding his attempted suicide and was crying like a baby... While the nation felt his pain I could NOT believe it when the camera pointed to Casey and she was grinning at him, Doing everything she could to stop from down right laughing. That is when I knew she was sadistic and evil. I would say shes insane, but 3 Doctors found her to be competent to take the stand, So No Shes Not Insane. Whats Insane is the verdict that was read on Tuesday. Poor Cindy probably wanted to see how her Daughter was doing, She drove to the prison hoping to see her at 7 o clock today only to be told that Casey does NOT want to see her. She put the entire family through mental torture, Especially Cindy and George. If your Baby is missing for a month, and your out partying getting drunk and who knows what else... just living it up. She tells absolutely NO ONE, Especially Law Enforcement that her little 2 year old baby is missing. I really feel if Cindy did not call 911, No one would of ever EVER knew poor Caylee was alive or dead. If that is not Child Neglect I Really Don`t know what is, The Jury said it was not neglect. Like I said Before I don`t understand people sometimes. This could not of turned out any better for Casey Anthony then it did, Expect to see her on Television getting paid Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, I`m sure a Book Deal is already being negotiated and I even heard a movie about Casey Anthony is being made where Kristen Stewart is set to portray her. Casey Anthony already said she plans on changing her name... I`m sure she will change her entire identity and under double jeopardy she can write in her book How and Why She Did The Crime and not have to lose a wink of sleep that she could be arrested. Get caught with 2 xanax pills and go to jail for 5 years, Kill your Baby and walk Free. Mr Biaz said Justice was done today and the US Flag Raises High, That is nothing more then an insult. I just hope her 15 minutes of Fame goes by quickly or something more relevant happens so we can all forget about her. Thank You For Reading My Thread Guys and Gals and I want to Thank ANYONE who responds ahead of time, It`s greatly appreciated PS: During the trial Nancy Grace would not call her by her name, She would only call her "tot mom" . People are saying this actually helped Casey Anthony in a way.,, I personally don`t know, I`m not really a fan of Nancy Grace but she has to be livid that she got off This is OJ Simpson all over again Truly Yours, Lawrence
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@marianne87 (3526)
8 Jul 11
This case was not brought to our attention in the UK. I have only looked it up over the last couple of days due to a friend in Ohio who mentioned it. So I don't know much about it, and all the people involved. But the Mother does not seem motherly in any way. From my outsider's, uninformed opinion, I still do not like her.
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9 Jul 11
The Family is very dysfunctional everyone can agree upon that, but remember Cindy was the one who called 911 to report the baby has been missing for a month. Casey did everything in her power to try to stop her from making that call, I believe if Cindy never called nobody would of ever called the police.
10 Jul 11
Just have faith that there are a heaven and a hell, and the mother isn't going to the same place as the little girl
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9 Jul 11
I am not sure what happened, I am truly stunned, but am I? It all became a media frenzy, I feel the true focus was lost, which was Caylee. I am still wondering how as Grandparents your daughter is able to keep your grandchild away from you a whole month, with a story of "she is at the baby sitters". Mistakes were made, I guess it is okay to lie under oath, it worked for the Mother! I believe the truth lies with Casey and God now. I believe if there is any fame it will be short lived. Now who gets the Bill for her defense??? Was justice really served for Caylee?