Looking at food can make you fat follow-up

@thetis74 (1525)
July 8, 2011 7:04pm CST
Thanks everyone for your valuable responses. I appreciate it. It is good to hear different opinions from other people. Well,it didn't say that looking at food "WILL" make you fat. It said that it "CAN". And it did not just say that by just looking at it insulin level rise. Only those who are highly responsive had high levels of insulin release. Being turned on just by the sight of the food set their metabolic process in motion. The steak was to be the reward for these formerly fat people after an 18 hour fast. In short, those who drooled over the steak turned more of it into fat than those who didn't. It is perfectly understandable that findings like these can be misleading. We are entitled to our own opinions. I for one don't just believe in whatever I read and hear. I listen to my own understanding. Also, depending to who writes it. I have posted this and it is not just because I believe that it's possible, but it is because I believe that our body is capable of reacting and responding to anything, thereby causing some chemical changes. Just as there are some people who can totally pass out by a mere sight of blood. Just as when we are affected by something and we feel something and then stress results. And comes to say that stress can kill us. It doesn't come instantly. There is a process-and it can be slow or fast. Depending on how intense we react to a certain situation. Perhaps tests of these kind have not been explored totally. And for me, it is good that we are informed of its possibility. Thank you.
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