How many times has this happened to you?

@pokumon (647)
United States
July 8, 2011 8:27pm CST
You see an interesting discussion from your email and you click on the link to respond to it, but you forget to sign in right away. You type out a paragraph or two and click post response and then and only then it tells you you have not signed in and prompts you to log in. You log in but your response is not saved and instead of typing it all in again you decide it is not worth it and you leave the site pissed. This has happened to me over a dozen times and I really wish mylot would prompt you to log in before you type anything in the box!
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@KrauseHome (35514)
• United States
10 Jul 11
Well, I very seldom have had this happen to me as I never sign out of here, and usually will keep myLot open in a window down below. For me it is a lot easier this way and this is also how a lot of times I can keep track of which discussion I left off responding too, or back too, etc.
@febrigas (362)
• Indonesia
9 Jul 11
Yes, I never once experienced it,even I have typed 4 paragraphs. At the moment, I'm making a comment on the discussion. But I have not logged on my Mylot account, and the comment that I type is not necessarily saved. yes, eventually I have to log in, and retyping the comment. But I will not happen a second time, I always positioned my Mylot account being logged. :D Happy Mylotting to All !
@QeeGood (1214)
• Sweden
9 Jul 11
It has happened to me a few times. I get pretty upset. But it is to start all over again with a positive attitude. I do hope it will work out well for you from now on with your post into the discussions.
@nurseclare (2210)
• Philippines
9 Jul 11
I experience this one everyday and I really hate it, but If i'm in the office and using the computer here, my respond is saved, so it's all good. Unlucky if I'm home I need to type it all and i will just make it short not the exact respond with the first one.