are you a happy person?

July 9, 2011 2:46am CST
they say that the happiest people are those who are grateful in life. so make it a habit to be appreciative of all things that life gives us. whether its a simple smile from our neighbors or a big bonus from work. attitude counts a lot. start your morning right by thinking of happy thoughts before jumping out of bed. utter a prayer of thanks for another day. stay happy, be grateful. be grateful, stay happy. spread the love!
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• United States
9 Jul 11
this is very true my friend.we should have the virtue of gratitude for everything we have.the most important thing to become and remain happy I think is satisfaction. every time when you think you are not happy with the things which you have then start thinking what if these things or person will no longer remain with you.think how long you will be able to live without them.then you will have the feeling of appreciation to the god that god have given you the best thing you need. we are always thinking for the things which we do not have,we never think about what we have. everything is precious before having it and after losing it.
• Philippines
10 Jul 11
hello there wealthybhavik you are correct indeed. most people keep on asking more and more and do not appreciate the most important things that they already have. the most important things in life that will make one happy and complete is giving and receiving LOVE from families and friends. and being thankful of them everyday.
@sanijas83 (271)
• Latvia
1 Aug 11
I wish I could really enjoy the life. Sometimes I think I am on the edge of the abyss. I wish I could say someday that there was a time I was feeling down and it seemed there was no hope at all, but now I believe in life, and I let the dark thoughts away. I have to survive. There are some financial problems I have to cope with. I have to believe and trust in God.