attitude of jack sparrow.........

July 9, 2011 8:09am CST
i have recently covered all the parts of pirates of the caribbean and i liked the way jack sparrow handles things.....not his acting but the attitude he shows at the right time and not revealing his actions. totally he is unpredictable and i love that. Sometimes in reality i want to be like him. Not a captain to a ship but just in daily life activities.
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@dodo19 (33316)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
9 Jul 11
I do have to admit that I really do enjoy his attitude as well. It does certainly add to the story and such. That's certainly something that I love about the character of Jack Sparrow. It's something that I think makes him interesting and differentiates him from others. It's certainly a reason why he's one of my favorite characters in the movies, if not my personal favorite.
• India
22 Jul 11
yeah... so turue . but implementing this attitude in real life may be dangerous for me or to others around me . DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ;-)
@bachyyy (195)
• Bulgaria
30 Sep 11
The way that Jack gets out of trouble.. :D He is great in everything-he is funny,handsome and very sly.I want to be like him-to be able to get out of every bad situation
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
6 Sep 11
Captain Jack Sparrow loves to improvised. He can always think of a way out on tight and difficult situation. He is so confident that is why he is very amusing.
@bouncybug (615)
• South Africa
9 Jul 11
I also love Jack sparrow and his attitude to life! He is so carefree and full of life - I think its the best way to live your life, doing what you want to do and being able to deal with all the consequences of your actions as well.