Is anyone here using Neobux? I need help!

July 9, 2011 8:11am CST
Hi, I recently registered for Neobux and I'm really confused with all the complicated procedures. For example, what is a rent/direct referral? What's the difference between the server and local time? How come I am able to click more than 60 ads a day when the normal/average clicks per day, from what I heard, is only 4-8 clicks? What are the strategies in earning faster? Because it's almost a week and I haven't reached a dollar yet. I've got so many questions regarding Neobux. If anyone could help me, please do. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! Neobux tutorial, here we go!
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@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
10 Jul 11
For me last year but since I have kick out of it i would not now they are very strict about the same IP.
• Philippines
10 Jul 11
I think I tried this at some point in my life. But gave up because there were too many things to do. And they were too complicated for my little brain. I don't really thing it would take you anyway cause the progress is too slow, and the process is too long. A normal person wouldn't spend valuable time for such. But that's just my opinion.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
9 Jul 11
I have been using Neobux for a while now, and earning isn't easy. I have found the trick to earning is to keep going back several times a day. Adds pop up there all the time, and that's how you get the 60 plus adds/day. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, use the forums and the live chat. They have staff that can help you earn and understand the process. It's going to take a while, and I'll admit reaching your first payout may be stressful, but don't give up. I'm on my second account, (last one expired due to inactivity) and its only been a little over a week and I'm sitting at basically twenty-two cents. So I'm doing fairly well considering.
@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
9 Jul 11
Hello friends I could not register a bunch of procedures I wanted and finally gave up. I'm sorry I can not help you. Success will give you some answers and you will understand and look in the forums. Have a nice day!