What's dream gadget you plan to buy ?

July 9, 2011 8:30am CST
I really want to buy Ipad 2 or Android with honeycomb 3.0 os in near future. I almost bought Ipad 1 but fortunately my friend told me the Ipad 2 was really close to launch..However, I also still thinking to buy playbook since I already have blackberry phone so maybe better to buy same platform. So that I could synchronize both of them rather than purchase another gadget, but Ipad looks amazing and many of my friends already has it.. do you have any suggestion? Which one I should buy first? How about you? What's dream gadget you plan to buy this year?
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
8 Sep 11
hi, actually i had all gadgets that i really love to have and the only thing that i still wanted to have is the tablet pc,bigger size than the ipod,but sometimes instead to have it i want to buy first a flat screen,and that is my dream to have this year.
@beingwell (3625)
• Thailand
27 Jul 11
Hello my friend! Were you able to buy your new gadget yet? Me, I've no plans of getting any new device. I'm happy with my iPhone and my Acy! What I would love to buy is a bag though or a new pair of shoes.hihihii..
12 Jul 11
i really want Ipad2 and Iphone because that gadget is good and nice .the gadget help us to make work easily
@bouncybug (615)
• South Africa
11 Jul 11
I would definitely go for the ipad! If I had enough extra cash I would definitely buy myself an iPad 2! There is something about Apple gadgets that are just a step ahead of everyone else - I mean the iPad was the first tablet to come out! Good thing you didn't get the iPad 1 though, you would have been so upset when the 2nd one came out! Hope you get your gadget
• Philippines
10 Jul 11
my dream gadget are Ipad 2 and DSLR camera.
@Humanicon (328)
• India
9 Jul 11
I would love to buy a ipad 2 just for the use of internet.And it is second in my wish list.right now i want to buy a qwerty keys mobile phone. I suggest you go for a ipad2 since you already have a black berry.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
9 Jul 11
My dream gadget is to buy a chic DSLR camera. I would love one absolutely coz i have a bit of interest in photography and I love taking random shots. I wish I had the money to buy a good one but for now all I can afford is not so expensive ones. Anyway my friend has an ipad 2 and to be honest I'm not a very big fan of it. I am very much ok with my itouch and my samsung galaxy s