Is it worth to be jelousy?

July 9, 2011 10:51am CST
I am not a person who like to control my love or being jealous almost everytime he speaks to any woman. Because inside me, I know he loves me so much that he can't bear to hurt me in any way. But recently I don't know why because I have been so jeleous and out of control if I smell something fishy about he's not calling me as much as used to do. He's abroad now doing his work, but i guess maybe i know he's busy but I misses him. That is why I feel this way.
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11 Jul 11
Jealousy is what make a relationship spicy. So now is up to you, think you should control it like the ego.
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15 Jul 11
RIGHT ALVINK! you said it well. :)
@nurseclare (2210)
• Philippines
15 Jul 11
My boyfriend is abroad too and I keep myself form being jelaou without any reason, just to tease him and he'll just laugh it off. Don't be so jealous, he's not ca;ling you as much as he used to for it's really expensive. From what place he's working? US, DUBAI, QATAR? :)