Not expected from Aamir Khan

July 11, 2011 12:04am CST
what a film actor and then producer he was. Lagaan was his first produced film and then series of other films. yes i am taling about Amir khan. he is an actor and producer,that gets engrossed in his work so much so that, he does not let us realise that it is the fictitious story that is being played on the screen. but his recent movie Delhi Belly though highlighting what is mainly prevalant in the society, doesnot seem to be a family movie. So many abusive wordds being used in the film that you cannot enjoy it with your family. he wanted to show the culture we have got into ( of abusive words )but why to show it, everyone knows it. show us something that we donot know. so us how many politicians have how much of money, how many finger counted honest people are there in the society if any. show us how poor people and farmers are postponing their suicide. how every decision of govt is tainted with corruption and their immoral attitude. this is what we expect from him, a person of high calibre and attitude.
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