A question to Geminis

United States
July 11, 2011 10:11pm CST
Hi everyone! This year has been special, eventful, nourishing and challenging for me. I went through a LOT in the last 6 months than I can ever write here. Last month was the month of my zodiac, the Gemini, and my horoscopes at the time kept talking of transitions and changes, which are what I'm exactly going through. As few of you may know, I took a leap and moved far away from where I grew up and experiencing a lot of things that I don't would have happened to me had I not made the choices I made. My questions is for anyone who was born under the Gemini sign (May 21 - June 21). Have you been going through some transitions yourselves in the last few weeks? Have you been experiencing challenges? What are you going through? If you haven't been going through transitions or tough times, what have your horoscopes been saying and do you think that they reflect what's been going on in your life lately? I hope to hear from a lot from you mylotters and engage in interesting conversation.
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• India
6 Sep 11
I am an Astrologer myself, i believe in eastern vedic astrology, it takes into account your date/month/year of birth, exact time of birth and place of birth for accurate predictions.. the predictions are accurate lol.. Thanks for sharing Jane Best of luck. Professor
• Southend-On-Sea, England
13 Jul 11
I am a Gemini but haven't read my horoscopes for years. As for this being a changing, challenging time for me, perhaps the energies out there have been right for this to happen with Gemini people, but it's not been the case with me. The potential is probably there, but my lifestyle is a very settled one (plus I'm not getting any younger) and is in a situation where it's very difficult to implement change, even if the chance was there. Good luck with all that's going on for you!