Whats life all about?

July 13, 2011 2:47am CST
Did you ever wake up one day and just wonder, whats the point in all of this?this so called life.Its like you wake up and sleep for nothing, just because its happens that your life is still functioning but somehow you already lost your soul somewhere. I wanted to shake all this feelings but somehow i cant seems to.I tried to get over it,tried things,rationalize things.I feel like im losing it and its not good, i know.
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@sanijas83 (271)
• Latvia
19 Jul 11
Sometimes I find my life hard to fight. I have to fight those feelings. It seems hard to enjoy my every day life. I have to find some reason. I have to have faith in God and hope that no one will be left in suffering.
• Philippines
13 Jul 11
Yeah, it could get to that especially when you're doing almost the same thing everyday. Sometimes I don't even wanna get out of bed and go to work because of boredom of it all. Although there are occasions when something out of the ordinary happens and it changes the course of your view towards life. Those are the moments we should look forward to when waking up everyday, I guess.
@SIMPLYD (84465)
• Philippines
13 Jul 11
Are you a believer of a God? If you are then maybe you should pray fervently for HIM to help you make a meaningful life. We will go into that situation, if we are bored with our life, because no one inspires us. Ask for an inspiration from God.