Multiplayer Shooting games, game of skill or purely luck ?

@munyosz (110)
July 13, 2011 6:37am CST
Hey guys, I play a lot of multiplayer shooting games mostly Call Of Duty. I have discovered that i always have good and bad days. Like, sometimes i get really good stats and win every match and sometimes i get really bad Kill/Death ratios and spreads and never win a game. Do you think it is purely about luck? Where it spawns you? Are you in the right place at the right time? I think ping affects the game a lot. When I have bad ping I always come out of matches with bad Kill Death ratios. Of course, reflexes play a huge role in multiplayer shooting games. But sometimes you just can't do anything when it spawns you near and enemy and once you start moving they kill you instantly. I have experienced that many times... I don't really know if these games are only about skills. Even a pro player gets killed by campers and spawnkillers and etc... What do you think?
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• Portugal
30 Jul 11
I think it's a mix skill and luck. Because you need luck to get kills. And don't forget that in a FPS if you're lucky that means that the other player is unlucky and vice-versa.
@aqil02 (29)
• Singapore
14 Jul 11
Ping is a very big factor.Get a ping of over 150 and you are screwed.I promise you.Well at least happens to me.Mostly its skill though and sometimes even the weapons you don :) But sometimes you get the OMFGBBQ kill and sometimes you get the 5 kill streak not ironsighted on like hardcore which always happens to me.Happens all the the time.Definitely skill tho
@SynDash (133)
• Lithuania
13 Jul 11
Skill Luck. You don't get those lucky kills constantly and with skill, the lucky kill is every kill.