Cell phone and cancer

July 13, 2011 11:07am CST
There are studies reporting that cellphone use can cause cancer by radiation emitted by the device. Althrough studies are not conclusive, see it as an alert and cautions use the phone. What do you think? Have you read anything or you read anything or know about this risk?
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• Malaysia
13 Jul 11
i also have read this article. But after this article exit, one more article came out state that cellphones doesnt causes many radiation but very very little radiation.
• Brazil
13 Jul 11
Kissmylense is true, that until now the use of mobile is officially accepted because the information is that the radiation emitted by the device is very low. Until the 60´s it was believed that smoking was not bad.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
29 Aug 11
Yes, I have seen reports that cellphone use can cause cancer by radiation. This is noteworthy, I would say. After all, if there is radiation, that will in some ways effect the body, the nervous system. That can be harmful , by causing cancer or other ways.
@surfer222 (1714)
• Indonesia
14 Jul 11
i've read about this too... and the have a suggestion on how to use a cellphone saver which is wearing a handsfree and look for place with high signal because low signal makes our phone transmit a stronger signal...
• China
14 Jul 11
I've also read an article about it, according to the article, it is said that when there is only little electricity left, the radiation can be very high, maybe 1000 times higher than the normal.