do you imitate an anime character?

@Jamie911 (104)
July 14, 2011 3:46am CST
do you have a favorite anime character? do you imitate them? people tend to copy there idols, the way they talk, their dress or actions. even if the person we idolize is an anime character. copying them is a lot of fun especially when you have friends that have the same interest. i like imitating some scenes with my friends. i really like naruto and i imitate him, shouting Rasengan or Kagebunhin no jutsu and of course dattebayo. me and my friend always imitate the scene where rasengan and chidori clash hehe it's really enjoyable i even memorize hand seals hehe do you have one you imitate? who is ist? and what characteristics do you imitate?
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• Indonesia
26 Sep 11
I like Sai from Naruto, and I used to imitate his smiling style, smiling with my eyes closed. Another character that I imitate is Koji from Digimon Tamers. I used to cut my hair short, but since I watch Digimon, I felt in love for the first time with Koji. He has long hair which is tied behind his neck. So I grow my hair long, too.
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
My all time favorite anime character was Youko Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm very much impressed how this character got created. I'd put Kurama on pedestal for his good looks, intelligence, and charm. From a good looking human he can also transform into a merciless powerful demon fox.
28 Jul 11
Yes :D today i was at the pool and shouted bankai and such stuff :D
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
25 Jul 11
I imitate their lines but not the way they dress or acts. In some anime, you will find a very interesting line that you will forget. My personal favorites are "Mystery" and "Punyan" from Loki Ragnarok and "Pikapi" from Pokemon.
@Fireheart (683)
• India
23 Jul 11
I like Sasuke to imitate with, quiet the match of mine since he is always silent and speaks when necessary, quiet a good in combat, and yea the desire to become even more to attain goals, naruto too i like to imitate but hes too much of silly and comedic and sometimes too funny,i wish i could have a sharingan just like him too, that would be cool to see opponents next moves and all. thats all
@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
15 Jul 11
For me not to imitate idols of the artist or even cartoons character because I only imitate Jesus Christ and Jehovah God.
@resutaa (144)
• Philippines
14 Jul 11
I'am also a fan of naruto and not only that but a lot to be exact. I should say Sai and kakashi from naruto, kiluwa from hunter x hunter and kira from deathnote. I just like their character and get hooked to them because somehow we got a lot of similarity in terms of characteristic. Most of the anime I listed dont show too much emotion less talking some sort of serious mysterious type or weird. I don't really imitate but i just use some of their and incorporate it to real world just like what I said we got similar character so I dont have to imitate them because they are showing for who I'am.
@alphenor (687)
• Philippines
14 Jul 11
I'm a fan of manga and anime but not to the level that I would completely imitate characters. Shouting famous lines like "rasengan" or "kagebunshin no jutsu" is a bit my thing and I'll just stick to that.