Do you Meditate

July 14, 2011 1:38pm CST
Hello mylotters ,I think most of you will be aware about mediation , its techniques and its significance so I want to know how many of you practice meditation and what technique of meditation do you use . I might be able to provide some help regarding Meditation and its different techniques
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@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
15 Jul 11
At the moment, no. But I really should start, I know it is very beneficial to most people, so there is really no reason not to.
• India
17 Jul 11
It is good to know that you are honest and willing to know and practice meditation .If you really want to start meditation and need some help or guidance regarding different techniques and methods of practicing meditation , you are free to ask and i try my best to answer your question or query . Have a nice day
@savypat (20246)
• United States
14 Jul 11
I use something very simple, two breaths. First breath in to belly, see CALM. Breath out smile. Second Breath in in NOW. Breath out GOOD. This is a mediation for stressful moments and most can learn to do this. For more intensive mediatiion I use Reiki. But I can always use more help.
• India
15 Jul 11
hello ,savypat the meditation which you are doing to release your stress using breathing technique is absolutely fine but I would like to suggest a few more variation in breathing technique which might be helpful to you in othre situations as well. Vipassana - In this technique you have to sit quietly keeping your body in relaxed posture then try to focus your attention on your breath , watch it going inside your body when you inhale and then watch it going outside when you exhale .Inhale and exhale during this process as slowly as possible assuming that your breath is becoming effortless and spontaneous .You just have to forget everything else around you give your complete attention to the rhythm and duration of breath and imagining that you are travelling with your breath inside your body .During initial period practice this technique for 5 minutes then you can increase the time interval with progressing time and most interesting feature of this technique is that you can practice this at any time and any place where you find some peace and silence . I hope you will enjoy giving it a try and may proove useful to you .