Kathy Lee and Hoda in Montreal

Kathy Lee & Hoda - Kathy Lee & Hoda in Montreal, Canada
July 14, 2011 3:39pm CST
They sure picked a hot, humid day to be in Montreal. I havent watched The Today show for a few days, so I didnt know they'd be right here in Montreal. So imagine my surprise when I turned on the tv this morning and thought to myself.....hey this looks familiar!! No wonder it did, it was live from here!! I dont know why they had to say that EVERYBODY eats poutine....its NOT true. I hate that stuff and dont eat it nor does anyone that I know. They said the same with bagels and maple syrup. I have maple syrup in the spring only when they make it and I dont like bagels. They seemed to have a good time and why they said that being here is like being in Paris, France is beyond me. They were in Old Montreal which is a part of the city near the water, down by the Port. Its not a true picture of Montreal or the surroundings. We dont have much in common with Paris and I like it that way lol. Yeah I know a lot of people speak French here but NOT everybody does. She even talked to a woman who moved from the US to here and after many years, she still cant say a word of French. So many live in Montreal and dont speak of word of French. The whole show looked like a race through the city, trying to see everything in one hour. I felt stressed out and tired after watching the show, seeing them run here, run there, drink this, eat that, even cook!! Phew!! Good thing they'll be on vacation soon. They say that having them here will promote Montreal South of the border. Well I wouldnt want to do that now since there is so much road construction going on that even us living here avoid Montreal at all cost now. The bridges leading to the City are being repaired, so it means you can sit in traffic for hours. Same if you fly here, you need to get from the Airport to the City which is about a 45 mins drive but with all the construction going around the Airport, it might take you 2 hours to get there. So why invite people over and spend so much money to do so when you know they'll HATE it once they get here because all they'll see is the traffic!! So for you living South of the border who watch the Today Show.....what did you think of them taping it in Montreal? Heres a link for the whole story: A video: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/29054368/#43752803 http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Entertainment/20110714/today-show-montreal-110714/
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