What should the Chicago Bulls need to do in the offseason to be better?

July 14, 2011 10:34pm CST
The Chicago Bulls defied the critics the past season by making a 62-20 record, the best in the NBA and the first 60 win season after the Jordan Era. They also won the Coach of the Year [in just Thib's rookie season], Executive of the Year [tied with Pat Riley] and the Most Valuable Player, youngest ever. They used defense to do this just like the Detroit Pistons of the early 2001-2004. But what happened is that they reached the Conference Finals in just the first season after constructing a team that only features 4 remaining players from their previous playoff run [postseason roster] but eventually lost to the Miami Heat in 5 games. If you're the GM of the team and considering the salaries and cap limit, what would you do to make their 2011-2012 the start of their dynasty?
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@nadrolski (220)
• Philippines
24 Jun 12
looks like the same question asked last year needs to be asked again this year :D the only difference from last year and this year is that.. the upcoming season (2012-2013) will be much a harder challenge for our Chicago Bulls. we saw the last season (2011-2012 Regular Season) with our MVP Derrick Rose plagued with injuries, and the worst, is that he needs to rest for several months for his ACL recovery. most likely, D-Rose will be back last the regular season, before the 2013 Play-offs. and also, Luol Deng, the Bulls's 2nd best player (in my opinion, at least) might be playing later after the 2012-2013 regular season begins, if ever he will get a surgery for his wrist injury. last season proved that the Bulls survived even with their MVP superstar side-lined, they ended the 2011-2012 regular season as the over-all top seed team. they may survive (again) on the 2012-2013 regular season but how far they will go? our Bulls may get a Play-off spot provided the remaining roster does not mess up with their availability. so what the Bulls need to do this off-season.. first, i think all of them should improve more on their defensive skills, most specially, to Carlos Boozer, still since before. Joakim Noah is reported to be teaming up with the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar this coming summer, and i think everyone from the team, not necessarily find a legend, should push to go on a camp to improve what they do. another thing, the most important, is for everyone on the team to stay healthy throughout the regular season until the play-offs.
19 Aug 11
Get a better shooting guard. I mean, Kyle Korver can't really be the man to be depended on.