Advice on how to improve my blog?

United States
July 16, 2011 12:24am CST
I have a fairly new blog that I've been working on with Blogger that can be found on my profile. If anyone has any suggestions from experience or just something that might make it look better, I'd really appreciate it.
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• Canada
28 Jul 11
Well...if you want my honest opinion, I'd have to say lay off the bold fonts. Only use the bold font to highlight certain, or important things or ideas in your posts. To me, when someone uses too much bold in their writings, it's just as annoying and painful to look at when someone has the Caps Lock on during their entire post, in other words, shouting what you are saying. Now, I'm in no way a professional blogger, but I have been writing on my blog for just under a year now. Comments and criticisms come and go, but you will inevitably have the final say as to which ideas you feel comfortable using and decide to use on your blog. Personally, I believe one's blog should ultimately showcase one's true beliefs and ideas, and should be made to be fun and interesting to capture fans and followers. Take mine for example....if you've ever heard of the guy that traded his way up from a single paperclip to a house in 14 trades, you might like it. (Check my profile for link) I've created a very unique idea and have put it to the test, the whole time making it fun and exciting for, not only the people I trade with, but for the viewers and followers that have decided to come along for the ride. The other piece of advice I can offer you is...don't give up. It may take month or years before you actually feel that writing a blog is "worth it", but it expresses one's creativity and you should let it pour out!
• United States
29 Jul 11
penniestoadream, Thanks for the advice! I actually use the bold font because I just think it is easier to read, I'm not trying to make things overly emphasized/annoying :P.
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• Canada
29 Jul 11
No worries. I just find the bold hurts my eyes after a little while.
@seobuzz (1120)
• India
23 Jul 11
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• United States
24 Jul 11
seobuzz, I think are blogs are a little bit difference in their focus. Are my topics not compelling and interesting? Any other suggestions you have would be very helpful.
• Philippines
18 Jan 13
Try to put a simple non-complex layout on your blog. Make it more appealing in a way that all the contents are placed intact and in proper filing. A simple layout will help to attract blog visit in a way that people would read your contents because it’s readable and is not jumbled.