I looooooooooove food!

United States
July 16, 2011 9:13am CST
I am figuring this is my greatest failure as to why I cant lose weight. I lost a lot a few years before getting pregnant with my daughter. Than when my daughter was 1 I joined weight watchers and lost a lot than. When i became pregnant with my son when my daughter was about two I gained weight fast. All I could do with him was eat, sleep and puke. After he was born I tried, but failed. So I tried again and failed. I tried weight watchers again and it wasnt the same. Im not comfortable with myself so I dont know why I cant do this? My Mom and her side of the family my whole life have told me I need to lose weight. I turn to food for comfort and happiness. I do buy healthy food and teach my kids good eating habits, yet I cant seem to lose a pound. I start to feel motivated and than just give up. Its easier to be fat, but harder as well. Im not comfortable in my own skin and even though I can keep up with my kids and do things, Im not happy with my self image. I dont want to be like some ppl who just completely give up and feel even worse. I want to be happy and healthy for me and my family.
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