South Sudan and North Sudan, the new nations

July 16, 2011 7:05pm CST
As of July 9th, Sudan split into two separate nations. My view is that it's great for the people who wanted the independence, but I heard that there's quite a lot of conflict amid the birth of these two nations, South Sudan and North Sudan. What do you think about this? Is it good? Or is it bad?
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@ravisivan (14055)
• India
12 Aug 11
Fox: Split of nations happens out of compulsion and people living there. In India many states were split into two. Many people are asking but not accepted. In fact India was separated into pakistan and india in 1947. Subsequently Pakistan was split into Bangladesh and Pakistan in 1971. North Kores and South Korea is another example -- I saw some films stating bad about north korea. But people are living there and government is running. South korea is progressing well, it seems. I wish Both sudans progress well. U are from which place
@Awinds (2472)
• United States
17 Jul 11
It is not bad or good - yet. I look at the examples of other split nations and I am not very hopeful. North Korea and South Korea are split nations, but there is still deadly friction between them to this day. Back in the day of the Vietnam split, people suffered. I am afraid that the Sudan split will only bring more violence and suffering to the people - especially since they already have a long history of violence. S Splinting the nation is not really taking care of the conflict. It is taking care of the symptoms - but it does not bring real peace. All it did was allow one side to gain. There might now be some resentment on the other side - which will fuel the battles. South Sudan and North Sudan still contain the people that were fighting each either before the split, plus the two countries border each other. I don't think this new border will have much impact on the fighting. A line on a map is pretty, but it does not heal the hatred in a heart - nor does it cure the fighting habits of the people.