MyLot on it is fair for MyLotters?

July 16, 2011 10:41pm CST
MyLot Ranking in the as general is in the position of 5.691. I believe that is a site that can be trusted with a good credibility. But i'm not sure that MyLot as the position that ranking...5.691! The position was equivalent as a reguler blog. As a MyLotters, The rank position of MyLot should be in the range 150 - 200, it would seems fair enaugh. The qiestion is, whether the rank position on really show the true popularity of a site? MyLot rank position on Alexa is showing the actual performance?
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@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
19 Jul 11
hello fitriadi...i bet you are indonesian like me..i guess from your name,`s indonesian name.. i think alexa rank is based on the amount of visiting from the unique IP to the`s poor in our opinion about the position mylot in alexa, but it can show that we still had a job to increase the position of mylot in alexa rank it`s our common duty...not only for admin but for our as member..we love this site and off course we must do something for mylot
@raj_gupta (312)
• India
17 Jul 11
Along with all the things said above by way2vision and others, I would say that uniqueness of traffic matters a lot in such rankings. Usually mylot will have repeated visitors rather then organic (those who come form search engine) or genuinely unique net surfers. I guess one more parameter that can push mylot's raking up is how much time each visitor spends on the site.
@mlla24 (841)
• Mexico
17 Jul 11
i check alexa, i saw neobux in the range 150-200 position and as well in a good position.
@allknowing (70601)
• India
17 Jul 11
It saddens me really to look at the method that judges one's popularity. Obviously it must be the hits and nothing beyond. Just like articles written on certain sites are paid not by how good they are but by the number of page views. This trend should stop and be done with.
• Canada
17 Jul 11
I believe, those ratings from is based on how many hits the site usually gets. No necessarily how useful the site is. So assuming that 90% of the mylot current population of "232,040" users, Mylot recieved just over 200,000 visits per day from a unique address. In order to be ranked 150-200 as you mentioned, you are probably required to have more than 1 million hits per day. If ranked sites based on its effectiveness to its community then perhaps you are correct on 150-200 perhaps even better, much better. But since, the alexa calculates how many hits site acquires, It would make sense if you closely look at their top 500 global sites. As those sites may reach millions and millions of hits per day. Spread the word about mylot, based on the effectiveness of this site, people may find it very useful, and will definitely be in the top 500 without question if word is spread properly.