Atlanta public schools cheating scandals

United States
July 17, 2011 11:16am CST
This news have been on newspaper and local television for more than 2 weeks, and it really concern on a lot of parents and also to state level. Seriously, teachers help students cheat on the exams, explicitly, the principal to school board superintendent knew about this, that is a big scandals that is going on on our academic system. After the investigation, there are approximately 178 employees involved in this. That should be a shame on Atlanta public school system. Since we pay so much taxes from local and state level to support and trust this academic system. It just purely corrupted. If you have kids, would you want them to cheat on an exam, or you rather them fail with integrity?
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• Philippines
18 Jul 11
That is a very sad story and the reality is cheating has been quite an issue throughout the years in any educational system. The best thing that schools can do is to provide a better learning experience to students so that they wouldn't fall into the temptation of cheating your way out of school. Also, strict and a strong regulation and punishment should be reinforced by all schools. It's quite a shame that even teachers would tolerate such acts. The integrity and value of education should never be compromised in any way. I would rather fail with integrity than cheat.
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@nunezme (43)
18 Jul 11
It is already embedded in every fabric of its school system. That is why open or non-traditional way of learning is making it's way up. I will make sure that my kids will have integrity whether passing or failing by giving them a good self sound decision making. This should not be blown into this magnitude, once integrity is tarnished, the whole society suffers.
• United States
17 Jul 11
Definitely, cheating is OUT! And for sure I would want my children to be prepared for whatever exam they are taking ... and that preparation would definitely begin in the classroom and it would be my job to make sure that once they got home that they invested some of their 'at home time' into their studies. Unfortunately, I haven't been following this report ... but I think there might be more to this situation than we think. Over the last few years, I've notice that a lot of pressure has been placed on teachers to bring up the children's test scores, because our scores are so much lower than other countries. And we have been slipping ... and for many reasons! Maybe teachers in Atlanta have become desperate, could it be that they are expected to produce a lot but don't have the necessary tools to accomplish what's being demanded of them. In my state the kids are expected to pass these state exams and if the schools don't meet there quota they lose their accreditation. So, the teachers focus on what the children will be tested on, this is such a restrictive practice but this is what they where doing. Maybe this situation is what's happening there, but they have found a less ethical way of dealing with the problem ...