How do you like your online gaming?

November 20, 2006 12:55am CST
America’s music and games business roughly 100,000 machines. The Arachnid network communicates to 36,000 dart games. The downloading jukebox manufacturers have surpassed 20,000 connected machines. Incredible Technologies reports about 25,000 golf and hunting games. 7,500 online games. JVL Corp. now has over 1,000 games online and Global VR has some 3,000 games online. According to the Yankee Group, a Boston research firm, about 3.5 million U.S. gamers play a new type of video game on their PCs. This type of product is called “massively multiplayer online games,” or MMOGs. World of Warcraft has 1.5 million players who around $15 a month, which can add up to far more than $50 price for the game software. The Associated Press reports that “750,000 players use Xbox Live, each paying $50 a year to be able to play against people elsewhere and download updates. Sony says it has sold 2.4 million of its $40 network adapters that enable Playstation online gaming, through broadband or a dial-up connection. By 2008, 40.2 million gamers worldwide will be going online with video game consoles, says market research firm DFC Intelligence. All I have to say is us girls like to play with the joy stick too!
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