natural remedy for pimples

@gidz0518 (194)
July 18, 2011 2:41am CST
hey guys. Can you give me some advice about my skin problem. Lately I've noticed some pimple growing on my forehead. After a few days, a big pimple grow unto my nose. It is really not looking good. Can someone give me some natural remedies for my pimples. I guess it is because I'm stress at school that's why pimples are growing onto my face.
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• India
20 Mar 13
Pimples are the problem in pielocebaceous glands and you need to keep your skin dry for that. If you have oily skin then the chance of increase in the infection in those glands will increase and pimples will appear in you face. Best way to avoid pimple is to wash your face any medicated shop twice a day preferably before going to bed.
• Philippines
14 Jul 12
A natural remedy for pimples will be simply eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Eating those type of foods can help make your skin glow and reduce the chance of pimples. Aside from this, you can also try sleeping early and reduce stress. don't forget to wash your face twice a day. Also, avoid eating fatty and oily foods. Stay beautiful!
• United States
26 Aug 11
Try tea tree oil or thyme oil, under direction by a naturopathic Physician or Master Herbalist of course. cleansing regularly but not too frequently of course.
@toniganzon (51694)
• Philippines
18 Jul 11
Try avocado mask. But if your pimple is bulging, my cousin used to apply ice to flatten them and to my surprise, it really did work. The next day that big bump was flat but still reddish though. But i think ice is the fastest remedy to flatten it but not totally remove it. Don't know if it would work for you though but there's no harm in putting an ice on your pimple.
@Fireheart (683)
• India
18 Jul 11
Better to consult a good Ayurveda doctor than creating a destruction to ruin your fairness and over creating existing problem, some creams may not suit your skin, anyway if you ask for a natural remedy use cucumber juice, apply it on your skin with a little drop of lemon not too much lemon, do more cumber as it reduce acne that cause this pimple to go away that's what i heard.