the best things in life are free

July 18, 2011 1:16pm CST
Are the best things in life are free? I agree with his statement, but there is an however. If you look at things like life, freedom of religion, and family, then yes I would agree. However, if you look at education, success and things in that category then I would disagree. There is nothing like your family, which was easily given to you from birth. That is something in life you get for free something that you can do not have to ask for. The love, encouragement,the support and the faith that your family gives you are unconditional, there is none other like it. family is one of the best things in your life that is free. Like I started there is an however. One of the besr things in life is an education. Higher education is something very important in life to set the foundation for success.
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@Dymo75 (340)
• New Zealand
20 Jul 11
You said it. Success is one thing that is not good when its free, and it's not just money. Success is the sweetest when you've actually put lots of effort in, and you get something worthwhile out of it. Worth goes in, worth comes out. It doesn't work any other way. Nothing goes in, and nothing comes out.
@isloooboy (1740)
• United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 11
Well I disagree with you because every best thing has a price which is more than what we think cheap things has, so every best thing demands more price in life.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
18 Jul 11
for me, the best free thing besides spending time with the family is going to the beach (free to park and to walk along it) and books from the library (also free!) i love to read!!