Nosy People...

July 18, 2011 8:32pm CST
Don't you just hate it when people stick their noses into your business? When you are about to do something and some colleague or office mate asks you details?? Isn't that irritating? I have a few officemates who ask details everytime I go out or ask permission to go to some place. In my line of work, we live by rules and orders.. But I think it's too much. It's invasion of my privacy already! There was one night when I asked permission to sleep over at my Aunt's house, just a few minutes away from ou office. One of my office mate, a guy, asked me where I was to go, who's with me, and made a big deal that I'm going to sleep outside of our accomodations at the office. My job is complicated, you see.. So I cannot stay in my Aunt's house anytime I want. He made a big deal, the next day, that I slept at some other place and indirectly made side comments that I might have been with some guy.. So what? It's none of his business.. I have already answered back but I never explained because I don't owe him that. Don't you just hate that kind of person??
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