Had a headache when disappointed

July 19, 2011 8:07am CST
It never really happened before, or probably first time I've noticed it. I made a discussion earlier about this new installed Internet connection by one of the occupiers or renters. unfortunately, their modem is using electricity, our electricity, Another renter is already occupying our electricity that we are ought to pay 100$ a month because of the usage. I suggested to my mom that she could use her PC to share the connection with their internet. but she decline because she wanted them to volunteer after a month. after a month?! after that the modem will be transfered to them and all i want is for her to benefit from the other modem being used in our home. I respect her decision but i got a bit of a head ache afew moments later, It was such a good proposal for her to reject it. Probably I should rest because there's this depression coming out again.
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• Mexico
25 Jul 11
HI letran knight: Actually yes, I have felt this same feeling you are describing on your discussion. I think this happends probably as a reaction from your body when it feels attacked or something like that. I have experimented a headache also when I am thinking about how big the problems or the things I have to do/solve are. ALVARO
• Philippines
19 Jul 11
used some fixed monthly bill line so that you can used un limited connection without exist.
• United States
19 Jul 11
Hi Letran, Sorry to hear of your headache today. Yes get some rest as too much thinking will certainly depress you. As for mom, you know she is a very caring person and not necessarily thinks of how her caring ways at times hurts her. So bare with her and just remind her of the expense and maybe she will change her mind.
• Philippines
19 Jul 11
hello LK, Uuuhhmmmm....just bare with Ma you know she is such a good soul that's why You better have rest now happy mylotting