Does an apology make it better, or worse?

July 19, 2011 9:41am CST
I hate it when people snap at you for no reason! Especially in work when you are just trying to do your job.. But does them apologising make it worse, or better? Because they snap at you and you hate them and they are your hot topic of convo over the water cooler for the rest of the day! And you know fine rightly you got them back by that snappy cheeky remark that let them know you were bothered.. BUT.. then they apologise. is this a good thing, or a bad thing? because now you know that they knew what they did was wrong.. or do they? are they maybe just worried about the cheeky remark you made? or if they are a boss or someone higher up, maybe they are expecting an apology from you too for your remark? but then again your remark was in retaliation, so do you have to reply? .. sometimes an apology is everything you want from someone, but maybe thats only from people you care about, because in an reality, if its someone we don't care about, or don't actually really like, do we even care that they have apologised?
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