What would be a beautiful moment in life for you.

United States
July 19, 2011 11:13pm CST
Let me tell you about a beautiful moment in life for me, matter of fact I wrote a poem about it.... I woke up, opened the door, at that time it seemed, I had opened a door to beauty. The crisp new smell of a new morning, a feel of the birth of a brand new wind. There at a distance in between two tree limbs, was a beauty within. A spider sits alone in a perfectly stitched web, as if Picasso inspired it to spin. There it was, shining from the sun rays, giving into the birth of this new day. A web that can be created with a touch of perfectness, is to be praised of, but all the spider wants for its creation is something as simple as breakfast. My God did human species lose there sense of appreciation for the little things in life I often ask myself, am I wrong, should I change, shall i give life a new sight? I want to know, because I see nature through a television and inside it I see a camouflaged vision. I see lions attack anything that moves but as humans approach, it keeps posture, maybe its hesitating because we are bending the rules.... continued on my profile at www.webook.com Keyword search: member name [brett]the poems are located in my projects.
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• Netherlands
21 Jul 11
Pregnant with my little boy, so innocent and sweet, I loved those feelings in my tummy, feeling the bouncing of his little feet. Wondering how special this little boy would have to be, inside my tummy eager to come out, eager to be with me. Once his little feet touched the earth and he cried, I realised, my greatest love was born and I would never leave his side! The most beautiful moment is the moment you get your firstborn in your arms. You finally realise what all the fuss was about, you realise he is your biggest love.
• United States
21 Jul 11
That was very nice, sometimes its the very littlest things that bring the biggest moment for someones life. I bet you wish you could relive that moment over and over again. Well thanks for the reply its good to know im not alone on the subject.
• Netherlands
21 Jul 11
relive the first holding the little boy, not relive the giving birth! lol! There are so many moments I want to relive afterwards. Too bad you often realise how special such a moment it is afterwards. We live life to quick and forget to stand still and enjoy. Enjoy those moments, which will pass and never come back.
@buenavida (8283)
• Sweden
2 Aug 11
Hi, Brett A really nice poem. We should all look around us more to find little things to appreciate. Thank you for sharing your poetry with us..
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
23 Jul 11
The most beautiful moment of my life is when graduating from school. When receiving a diploma and getting congratulations from friends as it gets the highest score. When - the last time with friends sitting in class while planning for the future. Ahhhh ... beauty of the moment. One of the most important moments in my life that can not possibly happen again.