clears overnight?

July 20, 2011 3:46am CST
what a load of rubbish!! money clears overnight? does it heck!! .. i sat last night waiting until 5 past midnight so that i could check if money i had transferred from my paypal account almost 4 days ago, had actually cleared and was in my bank account.. and when i checked last night at midnight.. nothing, not a bean!! .. so i was disgusted, because it says 2-3 working days, and i had transferred this last wednesday! .. so there i was, totally broke and wondering what the hell i was going to do for cat litter and dog food. so in a panic, when i got into work this morning, i thought i would just check, just to be sure. at 9am this morning, there it was, sitting in my account. now can someone please explain, why, if something clears overnight, it isn't in your account at midnight, but it is there at 9am??
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