the hall of shame for a company

July 20, 2011 7:55am CST
I was just newly joined employee for a firm , here for the first time am getting to be known that salary are paid for one month for every two month , means we have to work for two month and get the salary for one , and at the last while we leave the job we get the rest money ,, have you experience any kind of company which does the same , is that against the law , can we take a action against to rectify it , well my company name is DSMinfocom, well what you mylotters think about this and share us about your company to know more of others...
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• Philippines
20 Jul 11
I haven't been in a company like this. You have to leave this company immediately and report it to the authorities. You already have proof, which is your contract or even your company ID. Present them as evidence.
@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
20 Jul 11
I've talked to a lot of people from other countries who are also saying they get paid on a monthly basis. Here in the US it's usually every two weeks but sometimes every week. I think that it isn't against the law as many other countries seem to be doing it, but it doesn't seem to be very fair. It seems to me as if it's a long time to wait for money and you had better hope you've got enough money saved up or else you'll be bankrupt for a while and a while even after getting paid. My suggestion is to talk to your friends and see if they also have the same way paid in their own jobs, and then talk to your coworkers and see how they feel about it. If there is a government agency you can complain to then I suggest doing that. I wish you luck, I know I couldn't afford to wait an entire month for my wages due!