Life favours the brave.

@swats89 (1731)
July 20, 2011 9:37am CST
Hello. I want to discuss the two incident that took place in India this past week. In the first incident 5 family members were on a picnic. They went above the water fall as they saw that the water above the waterfall is dried. so they were in the middle on the top of water fall. Suddenly water starts to rush with high speed. The 5 family members were going on the other side of the shore but the intensity of water was so high that in one minute it took the family members from top to bottom of the fall. Only 2 members were survived. The other story revolve around a boy who is 4 years old. This incident happened in small village of India. The boy and his father was crossing the river, but suddenly the gates of the dam were opened and there were huge amount of water rushing through the river. Any how the father crossed the river but his son was stuck in the middle. He was so calm and composed as nothing was happening around him. Atlast he was saved by the resuce team. We can see that the two games of life. The small boy, due to his innocence and unaware of the situation, he was not paniced, which was the main cause to get his life back. On the other hand the family member were paniced so the situation got out of control which led to there death. Cheers.
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20 Jul 11
Just to point out, your second example doesn't really tell of any brave person. The boy was innocent and bravery and innocence are both way too different from each other. Although I agree with you when you say that "Life favors the brave". Being brave and taking the leap actually takes us higher than those who just play it safe and stay on the ground while watching those who take the risk.