Share market... Is it more like Gamble or investment ??

July 20, 2011 3:10pm CST
I have heard of my friend say "Share market is a gambling, but in a new way". Often, i think about this when i trade. At some point of time, i feel what he said is right. Because, at many situations, i will take risks to get profits. Risk in the sense Prices may go up or down. It is uncertain. I don't know whether i can do business without making this as a gamble. Even if by some reason the price of shares are sure to go up, my mind still races on Gambling Vs Investing. My mind is just like cat on wall. Don't know which side to jump. May be most people who are just beginners in trade will have the same mind set. How can a person's attitude be, when he is new to share market (like me)??? as a gambler ??? or as an investor ???
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