Crossed eyes?

July 20, 2011 10:16pm CST
My eyes squint my age is 15 years old, if I could only see with my left eye, if my left eye on a new lid of my right eye can see. please tell how to cure it?
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
21 Jul 11
Therapy needs to be done to cope with the squint eye disorders is to restore the unity of point of view. Cured or not depends on the type of abnormality and its cause. If the problem is related to refraction or visual acuity, can be tackled with the glasses. It can be lensed glasses spheris, cylinders, or prisms hanging needs. It could also be overcome by contact lenses (especially for the high minus). Another effort is to perform correction of refractive surgery to reduce nearsightedness abnormalities by using a scalpel or laser excimer. If the problem involves muscle, surgery can be performed as needed. For example, which stands for the muscle shortened (diresek), opposite which stands for the muscle shortened by sliding the base of the muscle attachment sites (the recess of the insertion of the muscle). Was when strabismus occurs due to an accident (trauma) is generally corrected with surgery....
@ivane07 (76)
• Philippines
21 Jul 11
in medical term, your condition is called strabismus..i think you should seek medical advice, specifically an ophthalmologist so that proper intervention will be rendered since you are already 15 and i guess it's bothering you a lot...