Why do we find some music entertaining while other noisy?

@zax340 (86)
July 21, 2011 8:39am CST
Friends, Have you thought about this? What part of us likes it? Is music already written inside our brain which when matches some pattern it likes it and we feel enjoying? Have you really thought about mechanism on which music entertains? What do you think about it?
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@babyeve (1051)
• Seychelles
14 Sep 12
I think that when it come to this, it basically depends on one's mood and the type of music that each one of us is in favor of. I on the other hand, I like all types of music to some extent. I like professional musics and people with unique skills. Music touches the soul and help people to have a peaceful mind. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself out loud and make you forget all the bad things around. Furthermore, it helps to you to cope with difficult situations by believing in yourself.
3 Sep 11
Because we are all individuals. Each and every one of us are unique in every ways so have different music interests. Sometimes it also depends on the personality we are projecting or lifestyle we are living. Interest, personality and lifestyle are the factors.
@adnileb (5035)
• Philippines
21 Jul 11
We find some music entertaining while others noisy because we have different perceptions for music. It also depends on our mood for the day. For example, I feel sad today, I don't like to hear rock songs if I want to remain sad. But if I want to divert my sadness into happiness, I want to hear happy songs. Likeness to music really depends on the person's attitude and personality.