Which is the role that you like most?

July 21, 2011 9:05am CST
We are in a multiplex society and everyone plays different kinds of roles in everyday.Maybe you a friend of other people,maybe you are the loved one of your lover and so on.At the mean time,according to your work,you play a certain role in the society and make different contributions to the world.Maybe you are a teacher,cultivating children is your responsibility,maybe you are a singer,workman,driver, enterpriser... No matter who you are and what you do,we consist of the whole world.Now the question is,which role your like most?Why? OK,I will start by myself.I like to be the son of my parents.They gave me birth,raised me and always support me.I love them so much and hope I could give them a better life one day.That's one of my biggest dream.
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@rameshchow (5284)
• India
24 Jul 11
I wanna be a simple person. I wanna do help to others my level best. I wanna share the smiles, make them happy by knowing and trying to solve their problems...
• Philippines
21 Jul 11
For now, I'm a student. I'm taking up my Masters' degree, and based on the flow of events in my life in terms of career, I aspire to be successful in the field of science. For me it entails a lot more than being intellectual; it also requires one's thirst for new knowledge. I am not yet at that level, but I hope to reach it soon.
@thetis74 (1525)
21 Jul 11
There are varied roles I have in life that I have complied already and is still complying. I wanted to be a singer and fulfilled in singing with the band and sing in some hotels. I have always wanted to dance and i got accepted for a dance troupe during my college years. I also wanted modelling and ramp modeled and did calendar modelling once. I had AB Mas Com because I wanted to become a reporter and changed my mind and had three years in hotel and restaurant management. But then again I shifted to AB English because I wanted to become a lawyer. Then I realized that what if I can become a good lawyer and that it is not going to be very easy and then the justice system isn't going to be fair then all my hard work will be for nothing? So instead I enrolled Professional Education and realized that if I should become a teacher, then what will happen to my daughter if I would be leaving her the whole day everyday because I have to work? So finally, my mind is settled. I want to spend my whole time playing the role of a mother and it all paid off since my four year old intelligent girl is excelling in school and I am so proud. I would love to have helped other children too, but then my child became my priority. And now, I am loving this role and i am going to stick to it. In fact, I will be having another baby on September, so I should really stick to this. I may not have been successful with that part of my dream, but I will just put those dreams passed on to my children by guiding them in their studies well.