This is a big question "what Bible says about drinking alcohol"?

July 21, 2011 12:09pm CST
I just want to share to you all mylotters friend about this topic. One of my chat mate, a born Christian, taught and teaching a Holy Bible ask me about: "Are you drinking alcohol?" I answered his question and I said "yes, I am drinking alcohol but occasionally only". Its a big deal for him if you are drinking alcohol. He says that "he's obeying the Bible... that is our difference. God will be please with me and happy with me always, love me and take care of me always".!! that was his answer. I was wondering about his belief, so does it mean that if I'm drinking alcohol so God wont love me? Or he wont take care of me? :) Wow!
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@Emerald20 (130)
• Philippines
21 Jul 11
You know what, I really agree with you. It's not that you drink, aren't bad. I have encountered real experiences of my friends. One of them shared to me, this guy who was 'leader' or the most devoted preacher in their Christian group was caught harassing his young niece. There are many ways you can show how you love God but one action does not justify everything that you do not accept God. Well I respect your friend's religion but may it's fair enough if he did not say those words to respect also our belief...If he thinks he pleases God as much as we do, then he must keep it with him...
• China
3 Aug 11
I wonder if there is really God. Can God take care of you when you are sick. If God really exists, why there are still so many people live in poverty. Who has ever seen God?