How to react to a controlling co-worker

United States
July 21, 2011 8:33pm CST
my day at work started fine until one of my co worker aprroached and told me that i was doing the job incorrectly. I told her that, it is what in the processs, but she said,"no, you have to do it this way". I usually ignore her everytime she meddles in my work, but inside i was seething with anger.She always do this to my other co workers too and many times, she got pulled by our supervisor but still she never learns.
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@xuyxuy (435)
• Philippines
22 Jul 11
Yes, just ignore her. Just do what you've started and prove to her that your are on the right track. If she will not stop bothering you, tell her personally to concentrate to her work instead of meddling others.
• United States
22 Jul 11
thats what i always do, ignore her, but sometimes i can't help having a bad day because of her.
@EthanWan (42)
• China
22 Jul 11
Show her the good results you have made in you own method and tell her that everyone has different to complete the work and it is not matter how you do but how well you do. After all,no one is a better judge of your success than you.If she still meddle you,try to have a talk with your manager together with other co-workers.
@wiguen (551)
• United States
22 Jul 11
by experience my advice its just ignore here, and say ok to what ever she says, knowing that you are doing your own thing , confident about your ability in what ever you doing and you'll be fine.