Does Internet help us become faster choosers?

@katie0 (5212)
July 21, 2011 9:53pm CST
For those who lived the times before the internet and the now, do you get the feeling you can choose faster than before? When I am browsing fast with not so much time to be just hours and hours in the computer, I pick what I want to see the most, like in a lined up of links I pick it up very fast and it seems that in a rush I see more intersting stuff and the things that most matters to me. It influenced when I'm in the super market, picking products, and buying clothes too, I am sure it is faster.
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@natagi (3)
• Israel
25 Aug 11
I think so because Eternity is all Bisblno we find a way to communicate information and even charges through
• Mexico
25 Jul 11
Hi katie: I actually think it does. Thanks to the internet I think I can find the things I want to watch, read or buy easily. At the same time, if you know the right sites to look you can find reliable information to make better decisiosn so, without any doubt I think that the internet has helped me making me faster and more effective. ALVARO
• Canada
23 Jul 11
I find when I am out shopping I am able to pick out items way quicker because I know what I'm looking for. I look online at the information of the product before I go to the store so I already have my mind made up and don't have to waste time thinking while I'm in the store. Purchases are now fast and easy.
@chhetp1 (469)
• India
22 Jul 11
Hi, you are partly right. The internet gives us abundance of options, it gives us the pleasure to sit and avoid the irritating sales guy who wants to make a good incentive by selling something which might not help us. Internet gives us the arms and wings to fly to unknown horizons, grab the right feedback and reviews of the product and services. It creates awareness among the consumers. So, yes!! it is great to have the internet working for you.