Be happy always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 22, 2011 4:54am CST
I love to be happy always. Don't wait for others to make you happy. One should create such an environment to make themself happy. I believe very rare people can make themself happy. What I love to do, I do it. It makes me happy when I do the work what my heart says. Live to the fullest and enjoy each and every moment of this life. God has given this beautiful life to us. Why people can't be happy?
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1 Aug 11
i love being happy the way i want.. it's the only medicine that can ease every pain.. the only medicine that's not over the counter and free.. you can have it as much as you want.. it will help you relax yourself from all those stress and troubles that you have just a smile and everything is gone..
@cathloe (184)
• Philippines
23 Jul 11
i also love to be happy. every person wants to be happy, right? just enjoy what you are doing and always put yourself with God. do things that will make you alive and happy. laugh until your stomach aches. we are born to find happiness. if ever we experience hardship and sorrow, remember that this is only a trial and there is no way to give up. keep in mind that for every trial we are faced with, we will be able to solve that in anyway possible. some people have a hard time becoming happy with what they do because they do not look at things in a positive way..i say, be optimistic and keep being happy for the rest of our lives! happy myLotting!
22 Jul 11
Happiness is such a positive perspective in life. And we must have to live our life to the fullest to obtain those endeavors we want to achieve. But it can't be denied that not every second ,not every moment we are happy, because everyday we have lots of shortcomings to encounter.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
22 Jul 11
you have a very good habit then. you do what your heat says and i think that is the best thing. I try to do what i feel like doing too but sometimes i am just too scared, scared of failing. i wish i were a bit more stronger than i actually am.
@SIMPLYD (82965)
• Philippines
22 Jul 11
I like you for being happy always and initiating it at all times. Yes, that's right, people who are always happy are rare nowadays. Mostly, some people would be very much concerned of what to wear, what to eat, how to get rich and all those worldly things. Keep it up ! Like you i too, would always want to be happy. It makes us positive in life.
@edsss17 (4398)
• Philippines
22 Jul 11
Indeed! Why I haven't think of it this way before? hmmm.,. Such a good idea.. Thank you. I must start making myself happy now!
• Delhi, India
22 Jul 11
i appreciate you and even we all always want to be happy all the time but this is not possible for everyone. i know that to be happy every time is a great way to feel positivity in your life but some time when you are think about the problems related directly or indirectly to you, it looks like impossible to be happy at that time. By the way God can't do anything for us to make us happy everytime because he has blessed us with both - sorrow an happiness. One will come and another will go. we have to just make balances between them.