Most unique or exotic food u saw or tasted

@pbbbsra (1214)
July 22, 2011 10:27am CST
In the philippines theres a restaurant who serve onlynexotic food which range from snake to alligator. gheres also a coffee made out of a special monkeys poop. in thailand they make chocolate coated bugs. in korea they drink water to where a particular fish stays believing its good to make a woman get pregnant. in turkey they have intestine shawarma and make mussels filled with a special rice... gave u ever tried eating exotic food? whats the unique food u know??
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@APSC_girl (119)
• Philippines
5 Aug 11
wow! I envy all of you guys. I've never eaten an exotic food before. The only exotic for me that I've ever eaten is isaw. Yes, I find the isaw exotic for me. It tastes really abnormal for me. But I would love to try snakes, rat, and frog. Just for once in my life.
• United States
26 Jul 11
I've eaten an octopus tentacle in some kind of Chinese stirfry. I didnt like the chewy texture! I prefer my octopus fried! I've eaten duck and rabbit too. I liked the rabbit but the duck tasted too fishy. Maybe if the duck was prepared differently it would taste better. I tried mussels, clams, frog legs and crawfish and didn't like any of those. I love sushi especially if it has eel in it!! Once when I was younger I poured a bowl of snack mix out for me to eat at aunts house. It was my favorite and I was starved so I was just shoveling it in my mouth without looking. When I did look down ants were covering the bowl and I had eaten them too! Don't ask how I didn't notice because I have no clue! Lol so I'm guessing ants don't taste too bad either!
• Philippines
22 Jul 11
I have tried to eat exotic food like frog, snake(python) and rat(in a farm). They are all tasty and yummy. Specially when they cooked it very nicely. I like frog to be deep fried, snake cooked in a coconut milk and a little bit spicy and the rat adobo(with soy sauce and spicy)